Australian Activities


Darwin ( 4 nights + 2 nights Kakadu NP, Monday 04:20 => Sunday 05:20  )


All travel and attraction requirements can be booked through the Dingo Moon reception staff.


Feed fishes

It was in 1950's when the first landlord of the property started the habit of feeding the fishes at the shore. Few mullets which had swum to the shores came back again the next day for the bread crumbs. This continued for days to come and ultimately became a hobby. The number of fishes too increased as did the number of species. The feeding became a regular affair and has now transformed into a business.



Visit Crocodylus Park


Visit East Point Reserve

The wallaby population was around 220 in 1974. By the early 1990s the wallabies numbered around 2,500. This huge increase resulted in the denuding of large areas of open grassland and placed critical stress on the reserve.

However, due to water management practices and other population dynamics, the number of wallabies today has been reduced to around six hundred.


Territory Wildlife Park



Darwin Crocodile Farm ( )

Darwin Crocodile farm houses more than 15000 saltwater crocs producing skins and meat for export.


Jumping Crocodiles - Adelaide River Crossing ( one day tour )

The famous Darwin Jumping Crocodiles are actually in the Adelaide River, about 70 km down the Arnhem Highway to the mining town of Jabiru and Kakadu National Park.

Today the crocodile population has returned to something similar to pre-European numbers, however getting close to them in the wild can be both difficult and dangerous, except on this short stretch of the Adelaide River where they are used to the tour boats.


Each tour is a unique experience, with Sea Eagles and Black Kites often putting on a show along with Magpie Geese, Brolgas, Kingfishers and other visiting bird species. Tours are available leaving Darwin, travelling to the Adelaide River for the jumping crocodiles cruises, then on to spend the rest of the day at Litchfield Park. Check here for details.


Kakadu National Park ( 3d/2n tour )

The best time to visit the park is in July and August.

Cairns ( 2 nights, Sunday 08:20 =>Tuesday 13:00 )


Marlin Wharf - check what the fish-boats got.

Sightseeing in the neighbourhood.

Join the Mad Monday party at the Asylum Cairns hostel.

Cape Tribulation ( 2 nights, Tuesday 17:25 =>Thursday 10:35 )


Bat House(*)

Trips to the Great Barrier Reef. Only 20 minutes with boat.

Crocodylus Village ( 1 night, Thursday midday => Friday 10:35  )


Night walks.

Boat trip on the river to watch crocodiles.

Cairns ( 4 nights, Friday midday => Tuesday 13:00 )


Planned to spend a couple of nights in Port Douglas, 64 km north of Cairns, since trips to the Great Barrier Reef should be cheaper than in Cairns. Port Douglas has 3000 citizens compared to Cairns which has 122.000. Decided to stay in Cairns instead due to better nightlife.


Trips to the Great Barrier Reef

Green Island

                      Daycruice since camping is not allowed.

Lizard Island

                      Bush camping. Maybe not so good if you are alone.

Frankland Island

                      Daycruice since camping is not allowed.

Fitzroy Island

                      2 days, cheap accommodation in dormitory.


Mareeba Wetlands - Mammals, birds & reptiles.


                      It is an easy 1 hour drive NW of Cairns, or 1 hour SW of Port Douglas.

                      Can be difficult to reach without car.

Canoe trips in Table land.


                      Check up more!

Townsville ( 5 nights, Tuesday 19:00 =>Sunday 11:30 )


You probably need four full days., 150.000 citizens

Planned first to stop at Cardwell and visit Hinchinbrook Island. There were however no hostels.


Reef HQ - ecological system


IMAX cinema

IMAX Theatre, Townsville was set up in the year 1987. It is located on Flinders Street and is one of the most celebrated cinema theatres of the city. The hall can accommodate around 196 people and is extremely spacious. The theatre has a giant dome shaped screen. The sound system is simply amazing. The hall is equipped with Dolby digital surround sound system. The quality of the sound is extremely good and enables you to hear each and every sound distinctly. The picture quality is excellent also. It is sharp and distinct and is neither too bright nor too dim. Thus, you can be sure that your eyes won't be affected. A large number of local as well as international films are shown in the IMAX Theatre, Townsville. Getting tickets is not at all difficult. When paying a visit to the IMAX Theatre, you can also check out the Reef HQ Aquarium located close by.


Billabony Sanctuary - Feeding of crocodiles and koalas ( one day tour )




Bus transfers are available with Abacus Tours from city accommodations, the Breakwater ferry and coach terminal, JCU and Stockland Shopping Centre. Contact them directly on 4775 5544


Waterview Creek - Bath with turtles ( one day tour if possible )

The Jourama Falls area of the park is 6km along good unsealed road off the highway. The signpost is 90km north of Townsville (25km south of Ingham). Waterview Creek is walking distance from the falls (600m) and has good swimming holes with loads of cute turtles.

How do you go there?


Magnetic Island - koala & dwarf cangurus ( one day tour )

The passenger ferry makes up to 14 return trips daily. Just 20 Minutes to Magnetic Island in comfortable, high speed catamarans.

Mackay ( one night, Sunday 17:15 => Monday 13:15 )


Planned to visit Eungella national park but it is probably difficult to go there without a car.

The park is 80 kilometres west of Mackay.

Gladstone ( no Heron Island, Monday 20:25 =>Tuesday 08:05 )

276.000 citizens

Bus: Mackay 13.15 / 01.50 => Gladstone 20.25 / 08.05



Heron Island(*), 72 km north-east of Gladstone. Maybe too expensive, at least for one person if you want to spend the night on the island. A bout trip cost $100 one way.

Maryborough / Hervey Bay ( 4 nights, Tuesday 14:20 =>Saturday 08:10 )


Fraser Island - Nature and fishing ( 2day/1night tour )



Whales in Hervey Bay

You are guaranteed to see whales during August,September and October. Airplanes are used to locate the whales. The boats do not go out if there isn't any chance to see the whales.

Noosa ( 2 nights, Saturday 12:40 => Monday 12:40 )



Noosa National Park

Maroochydore ( 3 nights, Monday 13:20 =>Thursday 13:20 )


Free Kayaks at hostel


Steve Irwins Australian Zoo(*)

We are the closest hostel to Australia Zoo there is a daily FREE courtesy bus to Australia Zoo.


Underwater world - Aquarium(*)

Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba

Brisbane ( 7 nights, Thursday 15:10 =>Thursday 07:00 )


You need 6 full days.

1.5 million citizens



Moreton island - feed wild dolpins ( 1 night )


Stradbroke island - dolphins, turtles, rays, whales, fishing

There is a ferry from Cleveland to Stradbroke island. Snorkelling and kayaking give you a chance to see dolphins, turtles and whales.


Moreton Bay - whales


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - hold a koala

Once you purchase a photograph, our photographers can also take a few quick snaps for you with your own camera!


Forest park / Walk-About Creek - Fishing, lizards, pythons, turtles

Take bus number 385 to 'the Gap' and then walk 700 meters.

A bus service from the city stops right at the door (see TransLinkExternal link icon for timetables). You will need your own transport to reach other areas in the park, as the bus service terminates at the Walkabout Creek Visitor Centre.

Surfers Paradise ( 2 nights, Thursday 08:20 =>Saturday 08:20 )


Sea World - show including whales?


Springbrook NP

Guided day tours cost over $100. Maybe not worth it.


Lamington NP

Guided day tours cost around $100. Maybe not worth it.

Byron Bay ( 2 nights, Saturday 10:45 => Monday10:45 )


See whales from the lighthouse cliffs during September-November

Dolphins during the whole year.

Wallabies in the rainforest.

Port Macquarie ( 2 nights, Monday 17:45 => Wednesday 05:15 )

Newcastle ( 2 nights, Wednesday 09:35 => Friday 09:35 )

133.000 citizens


Blackbutt Reserve

Good chance to se koalas at close distance.

6 km from Newcastle centre.

Entrance free

Koala talks are held every weekend at 2.30pm. Private encounters can be booked during the week at 1.30pm.


Wetland Centre - wetlands, canoe

Bus 103 or 108 from Newcastle

Many birds

Sydney ( 3 nights, Friday 12:05 => Monday morning  )

4 million citizens


Kuringgui Chase NP - 25 km north of Sydney - kangaroo and koala

25 km from Sydney. Busses go from Sydney.

See special document.


Nightlife - Dance

Activity cost